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Thank You for Visiting our site.
The emphasis of our business is to provide highland dance costumes and gifts for the dancers, pipers, drummers and all Scottish people at heart.

We also carry a selection of supplies and products for our friends in Pipe Bands.
Please check back often as we are continually improving our site.

You can reach by email at info@creativedesigns2100.com or at 613-534-2100.
Our hours of operation are Thursday to Tuesday 8:30 AM till 6:00 PM. We are closed Wednesdays.
We would be pleased to hear from you! Let us know what your needs or questions are.

In brief, you should know our company was established in 1991 and have been responsible for providing outstanding highland dance costumes ever since. Our customers particularly value our attention to detail.

Reg:  $40.00CAD
Reg:  $30.00CAD
Reg:  $38.00CAD
Reg:  $35.00CAD
Reg:  $25.00CAD
Reg:  $24.00CAD