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Ghillie Bag

This Ghillie Bag will keep your ghillies safe and clean and easy to carry.  Made of duck and cotton, with a drawstring closure.  High quality embroidery design.  Assorted colours some with plaid trim..

Ghillies Shoe Bag

Keep your ghillies safe and clean.  Store them in this stylish bag with a drawstring closure. Available in assorted colours and designs.


Pocket Mirrors

One side is  2 1/2" mirror, the other side is a Highland dancing design.  Perfect for your gear bag or purse!  Comes with a small bag for safe storage.

Buttons- Large

Pin on buttons.  Perfect little gift! Assorted designs.

Buttons - Small

1" buttons. Great trader buttons. Assorted designs.

Personalized Buttons- Large

2 1/2" pin on buttons.  Same as large buttons, but made specially for you.  You may have your design or a picture of your dancer on your button. Remember to email your picture when ordering this item.

Dance Card Holder

Keep your dance card safe. This dance card holder is on a red lanyard with "HIGHLAND DANCING" in white.

Spray Water Bottle

Simple spray water bottle with 'Dance'  or a highland dancer shape.  Assorted colours and shapes.