Jewellery and Gifts

We have a wide variety of sash pins and sterling silver jewellery.  Gifts for all occasions. 


Ghillie Necklace

What every dancer wants.  A silver ghillie on a 18" chain in a gift box.

Pin on Buttons

Pin on buttons.  Perfect little dancer gift!

Buttons - Small

1" buttons. Great trader buttons. Assorted designs.

Key Chain

Assorted key chains.
pewter thistle

Pewter Earrings

Pewter earrings in a thistle design every dancer recognizes!

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Perfect travel mug to hold your hot beverage!  Choose a design and fill it up to go!  If you want a design not listed here please email your request!

Celtic Knot Necklace

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot on an 18" necklace.

Thistle Necklace

Sterling Silver Thistle on an 18" necklace.